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What to Expect

Most of all expect to see God move, both in you and through you!!

Expect to make many great friendships with the children at My Father’s House and the community and to have wonderful experiences and see a beautiful island and be opened up to many new perspectives, foods and culture.

Begin thinking now about expectations for the trip and praying for opportunities to witness to people through this, both in Jamaica and here as you begin fund raising and preparing. Begin praying for the lives that you will touch and for the lives the others who participate will touch. Expect God-sized results. Stepping out into a new experience, it’s common to feel a lot of fears as we wonder exactly what we can do and how effective we’ll be, or what challenges we’ll face that we may not be prepared for. Begin now to be thinking about what GOD can do!

You have two options for your accommodations while on island:

KBM / My Father’s House
The team will stay at My Father’s House, a large house in a residential neighborhood and our children’s home. Your team of up to 40 members will be comfortable yet stretched at the mission base. On the ground level we have a boy’s dorm and a girl’s dorm each filled with bunk beds. On the main level are living areas, game room and a large dining deck. You will enjoy good meals with a variety of food. A taste of Jamaica is offered through the week. My Father’s House has a pool on site and is within walking distance of the beach. While you’re at My Father’s House, everyone enjoys our children :-)! Five children from the ages of 1 to 18 presently reside there. Interacting with them is a wonderful blessing for all involved.

All meals are provided through the week. When staying at My Father’s House, all team members participate in helping with the daily chores and needs around the house, including cooking. You will be assigned jobs throughout the week and will assist or be assisted by the children who live at the home. You might expect to try lots of wonderful tropical fruit and interesting local dishes. If you’re especially lucky, you may get a taste of Chicken Foot Soup for dinner and Salt Fish and Cabbage for breakfast! More familiar foods are also available but Jim and Penie definitely try to give their guests a true Jamaican experience. You will likely enjoy the food, but very picky eaters may want to bring extra granola bars or peanut butter.

KBM / Luna Sea Inn
Your group can choose to stay at Luna Sea Inn while in Jamaica. Luna Sea Inn is a beautiful hotel with an amazing restaurant right on the Caribbean Sea! We will still minister to the surrounding communities and work hard each day to the glory of God, AND you will stay in air conditioned rooms with hot water, begin each day with a scrumptious breakfast, return to Luna Sea for dinner and either tranquil relaxation or a time to play in the sea with the non-motorized toys. Yes, our fees for this option are a bit more, but we believe many will find the added benefits well worth the increase.

Over the course of the week, you should expect to wake fairly early (around 7am). You are encouraged to have a personal morning devotional time. Depending on what projects the group decides to do while there, the rest of the day is scheduled around that. Each evening the team will gather for group debriefing, sharing and devotional time. The remainder of the evenings are usually open for a bit of relaxing, swimming, or playing with the children. While you will work hard most of the week, Jim and Penie will also set aside one day during the trip for a recreational outing. This is usually a day at YS Falls, a beautiful destination where everyone can choose how to spend their day resting, reading, playing, laughing and fellowship.

Start Planning Your Mission Trip

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Prepare to be blessed as you are a blessing.