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Preparing for an Internship

What do I need to do to prepare to come as an intern?

Preparation to serve as an intern at My Father’s House depends upon the term of commitment you make.

  • A commitment of 3 m0nths or less requires only your passport. All initial internships are limited to 3 months.
  • A commitment of more than 6 months with no visit to the USA during that time requires a passport, Visa and a work permit. Details on acquiring the Visa and work permit will be discussed on an individual basis.

Medical needs – There are no special immunizations needed to travel to Jamaica. We do suggest you have the Hepatitis series of vaccines since Hepatitis is prevalent here on the south coast of Jamaica. Jamaica is a developing nation. In line with this is the level of medical care available. Be sure to bring along any medicines, especially prescription drugs, you think you may need while here.

Raise support – A major part of being a missionary is trusting God for your support. Remember that you are giving others the opportunity to be a part of a blessing. You are not begging! People want to be apart of a good thing. You are giving them that chance by asking them to help support you as a missionary.

Search for air line tickets – You may not come into the country of Jamaica with a one way ticket. Since extended stays can be more expensive, it is best to ask supporters if any one can bless you with Air Miles or a friend’s pass from an airline employee.

Electricity – 110V, 50 Hz with a standard three prong North American plug. The only difference between JA and US/Canada is the frequency, so any appliance (except clocks) will work.

Start Planning Your Internship

Think God may be calling you to missions? Want to be more involved with the people than a short term mission trip allows? An internship is a great way to further experience the missionary life.