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Summer 2019 – Touching lives… Past & Future!

Lasting effects – something we’ve prayed for often. Even when we think we are only going to the bank or grocery store, God may have an eternal purpose in the midst of ordinary tasks! – read more

Spring 2019 – Where God moves, we follow…

As God ushers in a new phase for KBM, we are excited to continue the work He has begun and be a part of the new opportunities He provides!
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Summer 2018 – The impact of the 2018 missions teams…

KBM is determined to construct gutter systems on as many houses as possible. Your generous contributions and advanced technology has enabled KBM to include a filtration system so the recipient can drink and cook with the water they catch!!
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Winter 2018 – Continuing the good work…

Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well where she ventured in the heat of the afternoon to avoid wagging tongues. He reached out to her in her sinfulness and offered redemption. Water continues to be Kingdom Builders focused project. Helping to ease this burden in Audayr is an effective way to show God’s love and open hearts to the message of redemption – read more

20th Anniversary

At the end of our first week, we learned that the family who was expected to come and be the island directors for the ministry we were there with decided not to accept the position, opening the option to us… read more

Summer 2017 – Helping the oppressed and building the Kingdom!

One’s first thought of Jamaica may be as a vacation destination, and that it is. It is also an impoverished island; second only to Haiti. While we were in Audayr with a team from Legacy Church in Buda, TX, Omar, a mentally challenged resident of the area, asked Papa Jim to please come see his house. He said that his roof leaked and everything inside was wet. – read more

Christmas 2016 –
“Give the Gift of Clean Water”

It is heart wrenching when you see extreme joy and thankfulness on the face of someone you hand a cup of clean water to. Such a simple gift can mean a lot to someone who has to walk a couple miles to source the gift. Christmas morning the residents of Audayr will rise early, gather wood for a cook fire and make the journey to the spring for water for the day. Plan to help us in 2017 to install rain water collection and filtration systems. – read more

Winter 2016 – “Make it a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

In Jamaica the general population struggles for basic needs of food and shelter. When teams partner with KBM, we act as God’s hands in helping with general repairs, carrying water or offering a word of encouragement that refreshes the weary. As Jesus modeled for us, providing for physical needs opens hearts to hear the Good News of the Gospel of grace, the real reason we are serving. – read more

Fall 2016 – “Every likkle make a mokkle!”

That’s what Taya told me when I said, “I wish we could do more.” As the team from Texas poured out buckets of marl for her to use to lay the foundation for a second room to be added to her house. It is Jamaican Patois for, “Every little bit helps.”  – read more

Summer 2016 – Heart change

Evidence can be seen in each return visit. When we make our initial contact in an area we recognize similar traits the different areas share. In the first year it’s difficult to even play with the children. If you hand a child a ball in hopes of tossing or rolling it back and forth, he hugs it tight in fear of  it never coming back to him. It takes time and a great deal of encouragement to earn the child’s trust enough that he tosses or roles it back to you. We enjoy the small success in the children learning to trust the group members Mama Penie and Papa Jim bring to play with them. Huge strides are seen in the photo of the two boys tossing! For them to trust each other means change is occurring in the hearts of the community! – read more

February 2016 – It’s the little things

Our little hatchback was filled with empty water jugs! – read more

December 2015 – Plan to experience the blessing of involvement in 2016!

PLAN TO TOUCH LIVES IN 2016! Thank you for making our Christmas special and for your support through 2015! KBM offers a variety of ways you can bless others in 2016: TEAMS impact My Father’s House as well as the surrounding communities with their presence, INTERNSHIP is a wonderful way to serve for a month or longer, SPONSORSHIP helps KBM provide basic necessities needed by the resident children, DONATIONS help KBM with monthly bills and maintenance. Contact us for information! – read more


We are full of thanksgiving when we think of the people we have been honored to partner with in ministry. Whether you have come on a short term trip, loved on the individuals through outreaches or supported KBM with prayer and finances empowering the ministry, we lift you to our Lord, Jesus and ask for Him to pour His blessings out to you. KBM relies on your generosity to meet the needs of the children and staff at My Father’s House. As you prepare for the season of giving, KBM asks that you would consider a gift for My Father’s House. There are a couple ways you can be a blessing to KBM this Christmas. Give the gift of PROVISION – read more

Download a copy of our past newsletters in PDF format:

  • Summer 2015 (15 Mb) – Be a part of educating Jamaica! Meet the Children of My Father’s House! Interns: Jamie and Will. Carrying water, rehabing churches, and repairing the home.
  • Winter 2014/2015 (7 Mb) – “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Pastor Amos Murray: Oct. 12, 1916 – Dec. 24, 2014 – The holidays at My Father’s House: Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Boxing Day! Spring Arbor Michigan Cul-tural Encounter Group
  • Fall 2014 (2.5 Mb) – GO2SCHOOL program is changing lives! The Wood family joins us in ministry, sharing the Gospel. From the mouthes of our own children at KBM, “My favorite Bible verse is Luke 4:18 ‘The Lords Spirit has come to me, because he has chosen me to tell the good news to the poor. The Lord sent me to announce freedom for prisoners, to give sight to the blind, to free everyone who suffers.’ Why I like Luke 4:18 is because in Kingdom Builders Ministry we go out into other communities and bless the poor and needy by telling them about God and how much he loves them.”
  • Summer 2014 (8 Mb) – TFC Connection partners with KBM communicating Gospel truths through dramas to reach out in love to the youth and elderly. EPHRATA Brethren, PA ministers to the children while repairing and building homes. Christ Church touches lives with the Word of God and meeting physical needs such as doing laundry by hand. MI NC OH – A Combined Effort: God brought a team together from across the Midwest to serve the communi-ties on the South Coast of Jamaica, and what a tremendous outcome! CLOUGH UMC, OH minsters to the fishermen. HUTTON Family chooses a mission trip with KBM as their family vacation this year! The GREAT SHOE DISTRIBUTION!
  • Winter / Spring 2014 (5 Mb) – Our hearts are broken for the people who surround us in Jamaica. Thank you to the teams ministering along side KBM: Seffner Christian Academy, The Christmas Joy team, Atlanta Leadership College
  • Summer/Fall 2013 (2 Mb) – Petersville: Religion to Relationship – Impact in Gully Bank – Hospital and Infirmary: Difficult & Rewarding – Audayr: God has expanded our territory – Community ministry: An overflowing of God’s grace!
  • Spring 2013 (6 Mb) – Both family – King’s Christian School – Run 2 Send Shakheai 2 School – Palm Sunday Service & Easter
  • Winter 2013 (6 Mb) – Jamaica Zoo – Master’s Commission ATL / Interns – Deanna’s birthday wish
  • Fall 2012 / Winter 2013 (2 Mb) – Interns: Kaybrie & Corina, Come Expecting – See God Move! – Dana’s Salon
  • Summer 2012 (3 Mb) – Buckets of Blessings: Hopes and Dreams Realized! – Clough UMC – Blessings on the Fishermen of Whitehouse – Hope by Threes – A week with Mr. “Grandpa” Gardener – A message from KBM missionary Lonnie – KBM’s future: Our Hopes and Dreams Include YOU! – Gully Bank Learning Center – Dana’s Beauty Salon, The Go 2 School program…
  • Spring 2012 (3 Mb) – Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Griffiths! – Intern: Taylor! – Team Both — Athacabasa, Canada – TEAM NAT & CO. – Gully Bank Learning Center! – Buckets of Blessings: Dana’s Future Beauty Shop
  • Summer 2011 (1 Mb) – Williamsburg Christian School VA, Kings Christian School NJ, Christian Campus Fellowship from Georgia Southern University
  • Spring/Summer 2011 (4.6 Mb) – Go 2 School Program, Willaimsburg Christian School VA, Interns Make An Impact, Enrichment Room @ Petersville All Age School
  • Winter/Spring 2011 (1.9 Mb) – Summit NC, KBM Staff & Families, Cave Basic School, Master’s Commission Atlanta
  • Summer/Fall 2010 (1.8 Mb) – First Baptist Church, Newnan, GA – Clough UMC, Cincinnati, OH – Rose’s wedding! – Light of the World Church, Ft. Worth, TX – Aldersgate UMC. AL – Myles, Cincinnati, OH – Christian Assembly Church, NC – Woodside Church, Michigan – Crossway Church, PA – Trinity Church, WA
  • Spring/Summer 2009 (11.3 Mb) – Susan, Summer and Jessica – Barb & Dee – Faith Church from Lansing, MI – Baptisms! – Athabasca Missionary Church, Canada – Cornerstone School—Washington D.C. – Faith Church, Rochester, MI – Gully Bank
  • Summer/Fall 2008 (2 Mb) – Donnaree’s wedding. Certified Divers! Spring Arbor University. Gordon Food Service. Master’s Academy. Faith Church, Lansing, Michigan. Clough United Methodist Church, Cincinnati Ohio. School Devotions. Braille. Church at Lake Guntersvulle, Alabama. The Aldridge Family + 1. Summer Camp. Sports Day. School Days. The Container! Meet the Rennert Family. Juci Patties & Labor Day 2008 at My Father’s House.
  • Fall 2007 (2 Mb) – Christmas Photo, Covenant Christian Academy 2007, Cornerstone Peaceful Baptist Church, Caleb James Koch, Shipping container for Spring 2008, We are still hoping and praying for the funds for a new van. Thank you to all who are helping in all our endeavors!
  • Summer 2007 (3 Mb) – What does it take to run an orphanage?, Baptisms!, Eatonton, GA UMC, Marylanders—Cedar Grove & Mt. Zion, Mt. Carmel Christian Church, Bread of Life International, My Father’s House Summer Camp,
  • December 2006 (2 Mb) – New school year, Summit Evangelical Church, My Father’s House Paint Crew, A Wonderful Week of the Arts, Support KBM, Become and Intern, Sponsor a Child, Short Term Mission Trips, Make a Donation – Make a Difference.
  • September 2006 (2 Mb) – Novlette’s twins, 1st Annual KBM Golf Outing, The Blaine’s, The Bushhorns, Prom, Clough United Methodist Church, Parkside Christian Church, Overcomer’s Fellowship Church, Freedom House, Jodelle’s visit
  • January 2006 (966 kb) – Prayer needs, Clough Pike Baptist Church, Barbie world, New child: Ramario, Sharing the Christmas Joy
  • Fall 2005 (1.3 Mb) – Testimonies from the children, school at My Father’s House, Living Word Ministries, Silo Rock benefit concert
  • Summer 2005 (949 kb) – more kids!, Salem United Methodist, Paramount Brethren in Christ, new interns: Jenna, Chelsea, Frankie, Teresa, Steve
  • Spring 2005 (2 Mb) – new intern Jessica, CCA, Emergency Construction Team, 24/7 Youth from Fellowship of Believers, Computer Repairs
  • November 2004 (913 kb) – Hurricane Ivan, Loading and Unloading the Container, Living Word Ministries, Cornerstone Church, 4 new children: Jodi, Travoy, Duran and Sabrina, Donated Truck
  • July 2004 (451 kb) – A Summer’s Adventure in the USA, Sports Day, LEA Church Rally, Update on Sherine’s health
  • May 2004 (607 kb) – Sherine’s battle with cancer, Living Word Ministries
  • December 2003 (869 kb) – Merry Christmas from KBM, Five Forks BIC, Star Students
  • August 2003 (627 kb) – KBM’s 6 year anniversary, 707 College Group, Interns Delroy, Christina, Alicia, and Rebecca
  • July 2003 (583 kb) – Clough VBS program, Rose, Novlette & Jhenelle baptized, new children: Sashi, Stephen and Sherakie
  • February 2003 (768 kb) – Praise God 100% of the transfer taxes waived by the Jamaican government, Continual Christmas at KBM, Shantel’s adoption, Sherine’s battle, Interns needed, Tell Us About Yourself: essays from the kids, A PLEA FOR MY FATHER’S HOUSE, Camping
  • November 2003 (370 kb) – Coming and Going: Shantel’s adoption, new interns Jessica and Jaime, new teen Liz, Covenant Christian Academy in a new building, A Leg to Stand On: Jody’s story, A Christmas Wish