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Mission Internships

Internships Available
Minister the love of God in Jamaica – Kingdom Builders Ministry offers internships in Youth / Children’s Ministry, Early Education, Pastoral Studies and Evangelism. Interns stay at KBM mission base on the south coast of Jamaica in a rural fishing village. Interns have opportunities to meet and interact with local people and learn about life in a third- world country.

Program Overview
Age Range: 18-30 years old (exception will be considered)

(Does not include airfare)
Varies depending on level of commitment. Cost will cover your housing, meals, ministry opportunities, discipleship and discipleship materials and land transportation. Pocket money is not included.

Year round

Length of time committed can vary. Interns for the school year and summer terms are most desired.

KBM Mission Base, Whitehouse, Westmoreland, Jamaica (South Coast)

Program Synopsis
This is not an academic study internship. Rather, it is a ministry and discipleship program. In this internship, you will be immersed in missionary lifestyle and service to others.


  1. Young adult between the ages of 18 – 30 (exceptions will be considered)
  2. Committed Christian with a strong and vibrant Christian walk
  3. Serious about God’s leading in your life
  4. Committed to participating in the work of showing God’s love to others

A written recommendation from your College Missions Director, Pastor or Youth Pastor. A written explanation describing your expectations of an internship with KBM, why you would like to serve as an intern and a brief history of your Christian walk.

What is the area like?
Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. Although Jamaica is beautiful and a nice place to visit, poverty is extensive. The average annual income is only $1,500. Although the official language is English, a cultural dialect prevails in the rural areas. My Father’s House, the ministry base for KBM, is located on the south coast of Jamaica in a rural fishing village. This location is ideal for ministry opportunities in a safe environment.

You need to set up transportation for yourself to Jamaica. During your time in Jamaica, transportation will be provided.

What will I do while I am there?
Ministry opportunities include any combination of the following:


  • Teaching health care and first aid classes.
  • Building homes for the homeless / making repairs to homes in the community.
  • Sports clinics.
  • Distribution of food, clothing, medical supplies and other needs.
  • Setting up computer labs and technical training in schools.
  • Teaching, Tutoring and/or Assistant Teaching. Opportunities are extensive in the area of education. No specialized education is required to be able to assist at schools. There are openings in every age group from pre-school through high school. Persons with talent in areas of specilization such as Art or Music are needed as well as in basic areas of study.
  • Children and Youth Ministry – Ministry directed specifically to the young people of our area, Whitehouse, Westmoreland, Jamaica, is desperately needed. KBM has access into many area schools where devotions can be conducted daily. KBM also works closely with area churches that are open to assistance with their children and youth ministries.
  • Administrative Assistance – As KBM grows, bookkeeping is required. It is our desire to provide accurate and informative records to our supporters and interested persons. In order to accomplish this, we are in need of assistance from persons knowledgeable in the use of a computer and with administrative gifts.
  • General Maintenance – KBM received a large home as a gift where our base is located. This was a tremendous gift for which we are abundantly grateful but with the gift came great household tasks as well. Persons with construction background can be put to good use around the mission base!

How do I apply?
Send an email to us explaining your interest. Please feel free to communicate any questions or concerns as well. You may contact us by phone.

From the USA: (859) 795-0642
From everywhere else: (876) 877-5277

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world,” This may be a simple pre-school song, but it has grasped my heart. I came to serve the children in Jamaica because the Lord has placed this call on my life. I believe the scripture, “Train up a child in the way he should go and he will never leave it,” describes my mission. My lifelong desire is always to keep myself open and available for the Lord to use me. This time He has allowed me to bring joy and love to His precious children who man has labeled “unwanted” –Leah 2000

Start Planning Your Internship

Think God may be calling you to missions? Want to be more involved with the people than a short term mission trip allows? An internship is a great way to further experience the missionary life.