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Internship costs

What are the costs involved in the internship?

The internship with KBM costs are dependent upon the type of commitment. Please contact us with information about the type and length of commitment you would like to make. Fees cover your room and board. You will need spending money and airfare.

Payment Schedule
The first six months’ (or the amount to match your commitment if less than 6 months) fees are due one month prior to arrival. They should be paid by check to:
P.O. Box 30010
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Your supporters can send their gifts directly to our office in order to receive a tax deduction if they so wish.

Additional support to cover a commitment over 6 months can be made in payments after your third month until the commitment is covered financially.

Whenever you or a supporter sends money for your support, please ask that they include a note explaining that the money is for your support.

Refund Policy
No refund will be given due to an intern who’s commitment is less than 6 months.
If an intern whose commitment is 6 months or longer is compelled to withdraw from his/her commitment or reduce his/her commitment, refunds will be made as follows:

  • Withdrawal prior to arrival or during the first three days 80%
  • Withdrawal during the first week 60%
  • Withdrawal during the second week 40%
  • Withdrawal during the third week 20%
  • Withdrawal during the fourth week 10%
  • Withdrawal after the fourth week NONE


Start Planning Your Internship

Think God may be calling you to missions? Want to be more involved with the people than a short term mission trip allows? An internship is a great way to further experience the missionary life.