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House Rules


  • Personal information should not be given out
  • Only Christian music unless otherwise cleared
  • No screaming
  • No radio stations except those given approval by House Manager
  • No TV during the day unless it’s raining or approved
  • In the mission base yard by dusk / street light on
  • You are in charge of your guests!

Internet / Phone

  • To be used during free time


  • No candles in children’s rooms
  • No food in rooms
  • Hang wet stuff up
  • Nothing wet in hamper
  • Turn off lights & fans when not in use


  • No one swims alone
  • A “swimmer” must be present
  • An adult “swimmer” must be home
  • “Swimmer” = can retrieve 7# weight belt from deep end and carry it over head to the steps
  • Shower before entering pool
  • Take a towel to the pool
  • No food or drink on the deck
  • Last one out locks the gate
  • No running on the pool deck
  • Anyone who hasn’t passed the swimming test must wear a life jacket

Food / Meals

  • All food on the dining deck
  • No Gum at home or in vehicle
  • No food or drinks at the computers


  • No one should leave the grounds alone or without permission
  • Do not enter house wet

Start Planning Your Internship

Think God may be calling you to missions? Want to be more involved with the people than a short term mission trip allows? An internship is a great way to further experience the missionary life.