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Clean Water

We nurture the soul with the love of God, and the body with relief from physical needs. It is heart wrenching to see extreme joy and thankfulness on the face of someone simply because you hand them a cup of clean water. Such a simple gift means a lot to someone who walks a couple miles daily just for water.

Water is a problem for everyone in Audayr. Fetching water is a daily challenge for young girls and boys, moms and dads, who start each day walking miles to fetch dirty water from the nearest stream.

Kingdom Builders Ministry continues to assist the community of Audayr overcome their desperate struggle for water supply both by helping carry in clean water and by installing water catchment and filtration systems in the community.  Providing a source of clean, safe water restores the the time for children to go to school and study and for adults to work and generate income.

Our teams work along side the community to fabricate and install gutters on houses in the community. The gutters catch rainfall from a roof and direct it to a 50 gallon barrel. Audayr, a community in the mountainous area of Jamaica, receives enough rain to fill at least two barrels from each roof most days. Through 2018 we continue to focus on building and installing filtration systems on the water catchments already installed as well as install additional gutter systems including filtration.

It is a good thing to assist the residents of Audayr with the gift of fresh water. A God thing that happens while we interact with the residents during construction. Bringing such a needed and welcomed gift opens hearts to hearing the Good News of Jesus’ gift of eternal life. Kingdom Builders Ministry is seeing change in individuals as they welcome us in the community.

When we first entered Audayr we were greeted with hateful chants and jeers. Now, when they see our vehicles we are greeted with welcoming cheers. This change of heart opens opportunities for teams to share the path of salvation and keys to Kingdom life in Audayr.

KBM needs you to continue this work. The cost of materials to build the water catchment and filtration systems is under $100 USD each, but the labor is great. KBM need teams to come and assist in the fabrication of the systems – cutting PVC & wood brackets, cleaning sand & gravel and putting it all together on site. The task of planting & watering seeds of God’s love is lighter with many workers. We pray for more teams to join us in 2018 to lighten the burdens of those God has directed us to love and share the Gospel in tangible manners.

This community is in immediate need.  Come help us!

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