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January in Jamaica


Deliver the GOOD NEWS!

A unique opportunity awaits you thru January 16 – Christmas is just another day to the majority of Jamaicans. They get up, search for firewood, carry water for the day and try to figure out what will the family eat. We believe Christmas is good news worth celebrating for all people. The good news of Christmas is personal:I bring YOU.It is positive:GOOD news of great joy.It is universal:for ALL the people.” It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve been or where you’re headed; this news is for you! Deliver the good news and personal love of Jesus Christ with KBM. Join us! Share your holidays with KBM this year and experience the excitement a large print bible, a gallon of water, a board game or a pair of slippers can bring! Specific dates are open between December 19 & January 16 for you to bring the joy of Jesus to My Father’s House, Audayr, residents of the infirmary, patients at the hospital, Gully Bank and Petersville. The more people who join this effort, the more we can discount our fees. Ask someone to come with you! This is a great time of year to come to Jamaica! Check airlines to find the best time to fly and let us know your itinerary before you purchase tickets. If you can not make it personally to Jamaica, you can still join us! The physical needs of Jamaica are many. When you can not come, you can send. Contact us to find out how you can personally impact people for Christ this Christmas season!

Winifred overjoyed at receiving a large print Bible

Fetch water. We do that!

Thank you for the game of Scrabble!

Imagine being so thrilled with a new pair of slippers that you can’t stop singing, “Praise God!”