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“If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children. ”


We believe everyone deserves to eat, have shelter, feel loved and be educated.

Though public elementary schooling is theoretically non-fee paying in Jamaica, uniforms are required for attendance. Books, workbooks and even the paper a test is printed on must be paid for by the family — it all adds up. Because of the cost, many children have only one uniform. Once the uniform is dirty the child can not attend school again until after the next wash day.

Education costs 57% of an average Jamaican family’s income. Because of the cost, most families can not send their children to school. With your help, KBM assists many children identified as “at risk” by school guidance counselors with lunch and other educational expenses. The requirement for participation in this program is a commitment to attendance and progress. Each student will be required to attend school regularly and maintain a minimum of a C average. Attending school is essential in the learning process! KBM sponsors children’s education through the GO 2 SCHOOL program.

Alicia was the first recipient of KBM’s GO 2 SCHOOL incentive program. Alicia wasn’t attending school regularly because of lack of funds in the home. This is very common in the Petersville area as well as many other areas throughout Jamaica. When children attend classes irregularly, they fall behind and eventually quit going to school completely. Alicia and her mother, Dana, made an agreement with KBM that Alicia will attend school regularly and KBM will assist them with the financial burden of education. Lunch money for the second semester of the school year was our initial commitment. In the first few weeks of Alicia’s return to school, her teacher was impressed by her progress. “She is quite bright!” It is with great joy that we report that Alicia remained in school throughout the year and continued attending regularly!

Alicia is the first of many success stories!

Please consider a donation to help these students GO 2 SCHOOL!

  • Lunch — $1 / day, $190 / year
  • Uniform — $30 ea.
  • Shoes & socks (required) — $20
  • Backpack — $20
  • field trip fees — varies
  • Books — varies, approximately $100
  • school supplies — hopefully teams will collect and provide these

$500 will enable one child to GO 2 SCHOOL for an entire year!

Our goal is to provide for 20 children next school year. We need $8,000 USD to accomplish this goal. Write GO 2 SCHOOL on the memo line of your check or send a note with your donation of any size indicating that it is for a child to GO 2 SCHOOL! Assisting families in providing education for their children will make a positive impact in this community. Join KBM in encouraging everyone to GO 2 SCHOOL!

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