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love knows no boundary

I can’t stop reflecting on the past 5 years of my life. I got to thinking of my first mission trip. I knew one person on the trip and went for a month. I flew to a different country alone and had no idea how this trip would actually mark the rest of my life…

2017 I am ready for you!

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to know the love of Christ, to eat, to have a place to call home, to go to school and to have a promising future. Kingdom Builders Ministry assists people in identifying their God given purpose in life and equipping them to fulfill it. We minister in the local church, the surrounding community and through other ministry connections dedicated to sharing Christ’s love with people in need by providing basic needs and abundant love. Working with short-term mission teams and intern missionaries, KBM nurtures people in the community to spiritual and physical maturity and ministers to the surrounding areas of the island of Jamaica through the example of servant-hood.

January in Jamaica!

Experience the joy of Christmas! Share your holidays with KBM select dates thru January 16 and experience the excitement a large print bible, a gallon of water, a board game or a pair of slippers can bring! Personally bring the joy of Jesus or send a personal gift through KBM.


We believe everyone deserves to eat, have shelter, feel loved and be educated. Education costs 67% of an average Jamaican family’s income. Because of the cost most families can not send their children to school. KBM sponsors children’s education through the Go2School program.

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